Mission Statement

As a voluntary non-profit association, the singular goal of the RETIRED EMPLOYEES OF SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY (RESBC) is to support and cherish the obvious need to maintain and improve our quality of life during retirement. The focal points of RESBC are to: keep its members informed and knowledgeable about retiree issues and concerns; provide programs and information on topics that will give members insight into the challenges affecting seniors; and focus on benefits retirees have earned, and, in the process, foster friendship and positive relationships among all retirees.

RESBC Officers — 2016-18

Argie Brogdon, President
Deborah Barmack, 1st Vice Pres
Vacant, 2nd Vice Pres
A.B. Brand, Treasurer
Coby Hinkle, Secretary
Wes McDaniel, Past President

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